Saturday, November 23, 2013

Whiskey and a Gun BY Jade Eby

5 out of 5 CRAZY ASS Stars 

Potential spoilers ahead!!! 

This book took me an hour to read. 1 hour. 
That's all and know I have been sitting staring at my kindle so completely blown away, I am in shock.. 
I really think I am ....

This was how I probably looked at one point in this crazy ass book 

This book is violent and I mean violent but it just sucked me in I mean how can something this small effect me so much lol, I know I sound crazy but it is truly how I feel about this book ....

The ending to this book was great. I was might sound crazy but everything she went threw and the way the author portrayed him I was just looking and saying way to go, get that son of a bitch , get him . 

I do not how many of my friends I can recommend this to since some of them do not like so abuse when reading but you can believe that I will recommend this book to whoever I can . 

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