Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Catch Me By Claire Contreras

5 out of 5 Amazing Stars !!!!!

Let's just start by saying I loved this book ABSOLUTELY Fucking loved this book  !!
It kept wondering and wanting I loved the character's in the book almost all of the besides her BITCH of a mom ... Lol if you have read this then you know what I am talking about .. 
Know for Brooklyn and Nick I loved the small touches, the stolen looks it was something you would think of a cute but the way Claire wrote this book it just make Nick seem so much more sexy .
I felt for Brooklyn , I felt that no one appreciates what she did for them threw out the first half of the book  except for Hen , which is a awesome brother to have by the way .. Her mom was a bitch, her dad was too caught up whatever he had going on, Shea was working really to get what needed to be for his album but still tried to make somewhat of an effort with their friendship .. 
Nick OK lets start on Nicky boy shall we can we swoon *sigh* 

"Tell me you're mine,"he says, his voice a strained whisper.
"Tell me that this-,"he says, fully sliding his cock into me, the fullness it provides
making my legs shake uncontrollably. "is mine,"

I was swooning when I read this book lol he was sexy , smart, driven, just as she was to get out from under his family's name . He was strong and there for her when she needed him and didn't give a shit about her parents were. He wanted her for her. 
The only thing I didn't get was I would have been a little more pissed of when she found out about his connection to the bridge she seemed worried about what people thought about her but didn't seem to care that he had seen her at the lowest point of her life .
Nina .. well Nina was awesome loved her she always said what she wanted and what Brooklyn needed to hear whether it was what she wanted to or not and she was funny as hell to.

"Men are fucking stupid. That's why they think women are complicated. Women want three things. Three simple things : Keep your dick in your pants. Be honest with us. Worship us. That's it. That's all .

This was a fantastic book and I have alot more to say about but I would be here all day typing away so lets just say this was an amazing book, and I would recommend it to all of my friends for a great read :) 


  1. I love this review and your spoiler alert sign!!

  2. lol Thanks C I just got it off google I didn't think we had one yet so I have been using this one :)