Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Sordid Promise ~ Courtney Lane

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4.5 What a Sick Fucking Ride Stars!!!!!

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So the blurb drew me in and let me tell you I ALMOST called out sick cause I could NOT PUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!

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Started off with Nikki flawed beyond possible repair.. She's a cutter on anti depressants and anti anxiety meds. She's basically bidding her time and moving through daily motions just to get by.. You CAN'T help but want to reach out to her and guide her... But she's SOOO strong in her own understated ways she just doesn't know it... YET!!!

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Eric Ohhhh Eric he’s Dr. McKinky…. Looks the right way, says the right things and Oh what a DIRTY TALKER HE IS!! No Female can resist his charm or deny any of his Sordid requests! HE’s in his own category he was obnoxious, cocky, relentless, dominant and a TOTAL asshole! I didn’t know whether to fling my kindle or use it to get off somehow when he was front and center…

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If your looking for a seriously Fucked Up Beyond Repair No way possible you can forsee a HEA Kinda read? READ The Sordid Promise!!!!!!!!!! and make sure to set some free time to be consumed by it.

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I loved it even though about 80% in I still couldn't see how the FUCK anything could turn out OKAY and was wondering if there was a HEA but it did and there was... with NO CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! thank Fuck cause I would have gone NUTS myself if there was..

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