Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It Ain't Me, Babe ~ Tillie Cole

It Ain't Me, Babe


What a PHENOMENAL read!

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This MC book stood out from the rest and has definitely landed a spot in my top favorite's...
Right from the very first page...Unique storyline, Sex & Steam and off the Charts action!!!

Loved loved loved Styx and Mae!!!
Destiny and Fate were front and center with these 2 they were made for each other..

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Styx was one super yummy badass Prez... His speech impediment only made him more dangerous since he was taught from an early age that a disadvantage was overlooked when one was feared...
Sooo hence the Hangmen Mute was feared and respected...

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Salome was raised in a radical cult... That took advantage of their woman.. Made them fear the outside world and used this fear for their own sordid perverse needs and prophecies.
She managed to escape and was brought right to Hades backyard.

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I did not want this book to end..it gave me chills at times while reading just knowing, that lifestyle does exist.. It enraged me at how these cults could manipulate and abuse young women..
I was sucked in and needed to see justice in some form...

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I loved where Tillie Cole took me with this story and I need to see more of these hardcore motherfuckers fall hard for these broken females..

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Had to bump up due to the Authors Note... And sooooo happy I did!

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