Monday, October 14, 2013

His Mortal Angle By Jinni James

5 out of 5 stars 

~Advanced Review Copy Provided for Honest Review~

Potential Spoilers !!!!!!!!!!!

This was a short story but no less good as the other paranormal books I have read . 

I love this story it was fantastic, I love how Erika was so loyal to Kaley and would and did go thru 

hell to get her back. I love how strong she was and did not let anything or anyone no matter how 

much they told her she was gone, stop her from looking for Kaley . I loved how her and Jared could 

have the type of friendship they did the author played that out very well they both knew what it 

was and didn't try to turn into something it wasn't and he was with her every step of the way to 
help her find Kaley . 

Then comes in her "Mystery man " Zaid .
 Sexy strong Immortal who is going to help her find her friend. He explains everything to her that 

she has been trying to find out for the last 6 months and offers to help her find her Kaley. 

This was a amazing short story and would highly recommend it to my friends. 

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