Monday, October 14, 2013

Healer by BN Toler

This book gets 5 out of crazy and I mean crazy 5 stars .

~ Advanced review copy provided for honest review ~

This was a great starting out, I loved Aldo . I loved that the author just jumped right 

into things and does not make you wait to find out what the storyline is going to be, I 

mean you find this out within the first 5% of the book. I easily got caught up in this 

book with the story and the characters .Then BAM everything changes and you 

are almost thrown into a different story and you're sitting here like how did this 

happen?  The more I read the more I wanted to put it down it was hard for me to read 

about the way Aldo had turned out and I didn't know if I could continue it but I told 

myself that I loved the first part of the book and I needed to finish it so I went on, kept 

reading then comes Rhett and Sarah, I didn't know what to think I could not tell if they 

were bad or good ...  The twist in this book leaves you blindsided and lets just I am 

very very glad I finished this book it was AMAZING. 

Total and complete head games, by the end I was just looking my kindle like WOW 
this all makes perfect sense now  then it ends with this 

“My name is Aldo Lawson. I’m awake. And I’m a Hybrid.”   

and you are left wanting the second book . 
I loved this book the way she played everything out and I will say if for a this is 
a book I would recommend to all me paranormal buddies.

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