Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Number Thirteen By Bella Jewel

This book started off great I was very excited to read it with my girl Diana. 
Well it looked great, sounded great and ending up being good .
Bella Jewel is a great author and like I said I was excited to read this book .
The book started off exciting and I wonder where it was going and how it was going to play out .. the way she played out the male lead was intriguing I loved the fact that he was trying to build them up but can also see how confusing it was for the girls coming from the type of life most of them had .I was confused for a while on why he was holding memories from some of them and not all of them .. but later figured out why he was doing this . The Prologue of this book had me in tears and I thought it was great way to start it , it grabs your attention and make you want to read to find out what is going to happen. I found it intriguing how he picked the number of girls he choose and why he choose the number he did .

" I never said it , but I'm saying it now. I love you, Emelyn. I will give you everything I am ."  

From this day forward, I am the only thing I have fought for. I am mine. I am his. 
I am Number Thirteen.

This book was good and I liked the read and would recommend it to my friends to read.  

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