Sunday, March 2, 2014

Honor Bound By Michelle Howard

I liked this book it was different then most paranormal/sci-fi's  I have read. 
I gave it four stars instead of five just because of a few little things that took me a some getting use to with this book 
... and I know I am going to sound crazy when I say this and it is part of the race she is but her not having eyebrows and eyelashes kinda threw me off a little lol I know I know .. but this didn't have anything to do with my rating the only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars was it took me so long to warm up to Vaan he was a dick most of the book and they way him and his warriors treated Miki was sometimes to mean . I mean when it came to he it was a little me Tarzan you Jane..
now with that said when he did start to realize what he felt for her it was great and I know the way he treated her threw the first part of the book was probably because he was not accustomed to her ways so this was normal to him but it still drove me nuts.
I do like how she had to explain to him what kisses where and when he grew use to it ( and stopped trying to think she was poisoning him) he loved them and they made his mate happy . I like that the more Miki was teaching him the more he opened up and when she got to the point that she was mad she found ways to get back at him as well his warriors .
 I loved the way she has written the book was amazing I am very excited to see If this author has more with the series and the other warriors .
I really liked that I haven't read anything like this before it took me a little time to get to this book and I am glad I  did and I am looking forward to more from this author . I would definitely recommend this book to my paranormal reading buddies as well as anyone else .

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